Everything you need to know about Level 4 water restrictions
18 May 2017

After months of closely monitoring dam levels and encouraging Capetonians to reduce their water usage, the City of Cape Town has announced that the ongoing drought has reached crisis point and that a serious recommendation has been made to implement Level 4 water restrictions from 1 June 2017. During a talk at African Utility Week,

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City may instate Level 4 water restrictions
10 May 2017

With Cape Town’s dam levels now at 22% – of which only 12% is usable – and the latest consumption having jumped up to 720 million litres of collective use per day, which is 120 million litres over the target of 600 million, the City of Cape Town is considering the implementation of Level 4

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Rise water hackathon: how gamification could save us all
19 April 2017

At the end of last month Rise – Barclays Africa’s innovation hub in Cape Town – hosted a water hackathon to help harness the power of technology, innovation and collaboration to find solutions for the Western Cape’s ongoing water crisis. With dam storage levels currently at 23.5% – more than 1% down from last week, it’s

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What happens when there’s no water left?
28 February 2017

Water. The one topic that seems to be on every Capetonian’s lips right now. And it’s hardly surprising – between naming and shaming those who do not comply with Level 3B restrictions, the daily tally of how many days we have till our dams run dry entirely and hourly reminders in the media of just how dire the

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What if the rains don’t come?
22 February 2017

I used to think that Capetonians were preoccupied with water: the lack of it, ways to save it, or even the wilful belief of “Water problem, what water problem?” A trip to Windhoek this week made me realise that if things don’t change, this preoccupation with all things H20 will ratchet into overdrive. Very soon.

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5 ways the City of Cape Town wants to get us all on our bikes
1 February 2017

With a wealth of MTB routes crisscrossing the mountain ranges of the Western Cape and the prestigious Cape Town Cycle Tour being a highlight on the Mother City’s social calendar, it hardly comes as a surprise that recreational and sports cycling is currently at an all-time high throughout the city, the province and the country.

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What we can learn from tomatoes
27 January 2017

I’ve just returned to the office after two months away. Having been at the Cape Town Partnership for thirteen years, I am very grateful to my board for granting me this extended period to revive my energy and focus. I hope you also had a restful festive season and that you’ve entered 2017 feeling rejuvenated.

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Level 3b: Capetonians share their water-saving methods
27 January 2017

Okay, fellow Capetonians, it’s time to get serious. If you haven’t been making efforts to save water over the past few months, it’s now critical that you do. As a result of the severe drought and a repeated failure to reach the intended savings target of 800 million litres of collective water use per day,

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Living a zero waste life in the city – is it possible?
14 December 2016

With a prevalence of overly packaged products lining supermarket shelves, there’s no denying that the effective management of household waste is one of the biggest challenges facing modern cities. In Cape Town alone, 6,000 tons of waste is produced daily, which translates to between 1.7kg and 2kg per resident. While recycling may be punted as

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