Meet Cape Town’s new carpooling platform
19 May 2017

It’s no secret that Cape Town has a serious traffic congestion problem. It’s also no secret that most of the people stuck in this double-daily jam are the sole occupants of their vehicles, which obviously means lift clubs are not exactly the order of the day. While many would claim that coordinating times with neighbours

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Everything you need to know about Level 4 water restrictions
18 May 2017

After months of closely monitoring dam levels and encouraging Capetonians to reduce their water usage, the City of Cape Town has announced that the ongoing drought has reached crisis point and that a serious recommendation has been made to implement Level 4 water restrictions from 1 June 2017. During a talk at African Utility Week,

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FREE entry to Iziko museums
17 May 2017

On Thursday (18 May), Iziko Museums will join the global community in celebrating International Museum Day to raise awareness of these spaces as important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples. The theme for this year is ‘Museums and contested histories, saying the unspeakable’ and entrance will

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Marriott Hotels lands in Cape Town
12 May 2017

What comes to mind when you hear the name Marriott?  For me, it would be Christmas eve dinners in Dubai, as my first ever festive season meal in the city was spent at the JW Marriott,  thanks to a lucky competition win. By the time the next year rolled around, it had become a tradition.

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City may instate Level 4 water restrictions
10 May 2017

With Cape Town’s dam levels now at 22% – of which only 12% is usable – and the latest consumption having jumped up to 720 million litres of collective use per day, which is 120 million litres over the target of 600 million, the City of Cape Town is considering the implementation of Level 4

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Rise water hackathon: how gamification could save us all
19 April 2017

At the end of last month Rise – Barclays Africa’s innovation hub in Cape Town – hosted a water hackathon to help harness the power of technology, innovation and collaboration to find solutions for the Western Cape’s ongoing water crisis. With dam storage levels currently at 23.5% – more than 1% down from last week, it’s

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Doing good through design – #DesignIndaba at a glance
9 March 2017

Last week brought a flurry of creative inspiration to Cape Town as Design Indaba hit the Mother City once more. The stellar three-day conference line-up included an array of speakers hailing from all corners of the vast realm of creativity, covering topics that ranged from the annoying copy cats to the transposition of personal data

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6 glimpses into the future of Cape Town’s Foreshore
8 March 2017

An eyesore. An impediment. A huge mistake. An unfortunate icon.

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Documenting our commutes – the OpenStreets Travel Diaries challenge
24 February 2017

In an effort to establish a realistic reflection of the current state of movement and mobility in Cape Town, the team behind Open Streets recently invited people from all corners of the city to participate in a 7-day AtoB Travel Diary Challenge. Equipped with a pocket-sized logbook provided by Open Streets, each participant had to

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