Join us for Open City VIII during First Thursdays
1 April 2015

Thursday 2 April is the date of the next Open City and everyone is invited to get up and get involved in redefining the space and rewriting the history of Church Square during First Thursdays.

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3 digital adventures in Cape Town
3 February 2015

Our cities are increasingly not only physical, but virtual. Here are three smartphone-enabled activities that will give you a completely different experience of the Mother City. 

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Making art in Cape Town
Ambre Nicolson
25 January 2015

Haroon Gunn-Salie, on how Cape Town made him an artist, and how he makes art in Cape Town, as told to Ambre Nicolson in the December 2014 Molo: Picture Imperfect City.

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Seeing and caring for the homeless
26 November 2014

Homelessness is a worldwide problem, not unique to Cape Town or South Africa. Bulelwa Makalima-Ngewana reflects on why we can’t simply ignore it and what each of us can do, in her fortnightly Cape Times column this week.

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Is policy what design needs?
25 November 2014

The first videos from the WDC2014 Design Policy Conference can now be viewed on Youtube. But, asks Cape Town Partnership project manager Didintle Ntsie, is design policy really what we need?

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Food security: Why city layout matters
10 November 2014

The layout of cities has real implications for how people move around, and if you’re poor and have to travel a far distance these costs can mount very  quickly. The same applies for food, which if grown closer to cities is often cheaper. Chapter 3 of The Food Dialogues Report written by Leonie Joubert and published by Cape

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3 myths about the climate economy
22 October 2014

The New Climate Economy Report dismisses the idea that addressing climate change and growing our economies are mutually exclusive – in particular in developing countries wanting to foster resilience, writes Cape Town Partnership programme coordinator Sibusiso Tshabalala.

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Why we need free public internet
3 September 2014

Imagine a child without a school, without a teacher, without a book… but access to the internet, asks Bulelwa Makalima-Ngewana, CEO of the Cape Town Partnership, in a Cape Times newspaper column.

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Gardens Skate Park: roll with it
26 August 2014

An unprecedented project by the City of Cape Town, the new Gardens Skate Park has not only revitalised a derelict vacant space under a bridge, but is a significant step in redressing the historically exclusionary attitude towards skateboarders.

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