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Kaylon is a graduate of the inaugural Youth@Work programme by the Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation. He is a creative young writer with a passion for the arts.

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A young laugh with Lindy Johnson
3 July 2017

Kaylon Koeries chats about brain-farts, repurposed biscuit tins and the needs of our youth with the hilarious Lindy Johnson, the fresh and fierce first daughter of local comedy. How did you venture into comedy? My very first performance was for a talent competition I entered on a whim. Rob Van Vuuren was the host and

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Designing in colour with Russell Abrahams
1 June 2017

Cape Town illustrator Russell Abrahams has been upping the local standard for quite some time. Kaylon Koeries and Quasiem Gamiet caught up with the man behind the new design studio, Yay Abe, to discuss the pleasures and pains of being a creative entrepreneur in the Mother City. How did you realise illustration was your thing?

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31 March 2017

This April, Infecting the City – South Africa’s pioneering public arts festival – will once again be igniting Cape Town’s public spaces, including City Walk. A collaboration between the Africa Centre and the Institute of Creative Arts, Infecting the City celebrates a decade of seminal performances and installations by artists from around South Africa and the

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Address a problem?
24 March 2017

Defining your exact location can be a tricky business. Canal Walk Shopping Centre, for example, has one address but many entrances, and what about places without addresses? How do we know where to send aid packages in war-torn areas where streets have been destroyed? How do people in rural areas with little to no infrastructure

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Church Square: a spatial ethnography
13 February 2017

 Click the image to the left to read through our Church Square report.

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Mel Jones: Lady of the LOLs
3 January 2017

How and why did you get into comedy? I was always the class clown at school, so people expected me to get into some form of entertainment. They encouraged me to do it, the kids at school, my colleagues at work and friends at college. Comedy was never huge here in South Africa – when

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Kids@TheCenter of City Walk Saturday
23 November 2016

November’s City Walk Saturday played host to Cape Town Embrace as they filled the Company’s Garden with a plethora of delightful activities for young ones to enjoy.

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DIY? Because anybody can!
3 November 2016

SuzelleDIY is South Africa’s most successful YouTube channel, offering a unique brand of comedy and useful DIY tips. Kaylon Koeries spoke to Ari Kruger and Julia Anastasopoulos, the couple behind Sketchbook Studios and  the creators of South Africa’s favourite web persona, SuzelleDIY.

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Mango Groove, still fresh!
2 November 2016

They’ve been making music for over 30 years, yet manage to remain relevant as a proudly South African household name. They are headlining some of the country’s top festivals and have a new album coming out, making it clear that their staying power is fuelled by far more than nostalgia.

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Safe in the city?
8 August 2016

Because a city cannot be truly welcoming unless all people feel safe there, Kaylon Koeries chatted with women in Cape Town to gauge their perceptions of safety in the Mother City.

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