Zarina Nteta

About Zarina Nteta

Zarina Nteta wants to live in a city that grapples with its known and unknown complexities and scratches below the surface of its establishment, a city that is not concerned with being pretty but rather with telling all its stories, a city that supports local resources and opportunities.

As a project manager, she works on strategy around urban agriculture, social housing and informal trade.

Talk to her about city life on (Twitter) @zarinanteta and (Instagram) @zarinanteta

Recent Posts

Trading Lessons from St George’s Mall
15 October 2015

In the third and final account of her interactions with informal traders at markets in Cape Town, Project Manager Zarina Nteta writes of her discussions with traders along St George’s Mall. Having taken a consultative approach to understanding St George’s Mall, Zarina discusses some points raised during conversations. History of St George’s Mall St George’s

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Greenmarket Square: a trading destination in Cape Town
6 October 2015

Project Manager Zarina Nteta reports on her engagement with the traders of Greenmarket Square to find out what the challenges are for informal traders in this space.

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City Walk: How informal traders can contribute
14 September 2015

As part of Cape Town Partnership’s efforts to make the area more vibrant regardless of the time of day or year, Project Manager Zarina Nteta met with CBD-based informal traders to discuss their involvement with the City Walk.

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Markets: economic heartbeat of a city
21 August 2015

Bazaars anchor most cities in Iran. What are the lessons for Cape Town’s markets? Cape Town Partnership project manager Zarina Nteta reflects on her recent visit.

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Who shops from informal traders?
1 July 2015

Supporting informal traders is a direct means of contributing to the redistribution of economic power. We asked people shopping at traders in the Cape Town CBD the following questions in order to understand how consumers interact with the sector.

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Housing: Change by Design
28 May 2015

How can inner city urban regeneration be reimagined as a process that brings about more equitable and democratic city development in Cape Town? Cape Town Partnership project manager Zarina Nteta reflects on the recent workshop held in Woodstock.

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Informal trade: the night shift
24 March 2015

Cape Town Partnership project manager Zarina Nteta reflects on lessons that Cape Town can learn from Bangkok’s bustling night-time informal economy. 

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Food waste: from city to fork
17 February 2015

The urban jungle of Cape Town – including the Cape Town International Convention Centre, FNB Portside and Cape Town Market – was the focus of the third 110% Green Food Forward tour about food waste. Zarina Nteta reports.

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3 challenges for informal traders
23 January 2015

A study by WIEGO gives insight into the challenges facing informal traders in the Global South. Fellow of the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Zarina Nteta highlights the key findings and relates it back to Cape Town’s context.

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Children make places, through art
3 December 2014

  The 1970s era bandstand in Woodstock’s Trafalgar Park has been painted by youngsters from the Children’s Art Centre, supported by the Cape Town Partnership. Based on a Reggio Emilia approach, the project’s learnings have broader urban applications.

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