City Walk

StGeorgesMall_Nov2014_Lisa Burnell (19)

The City Walk is a collaborative community placemaking project facilitated by the Cape Town Partnership.

Starting in the Company’s Gardens, continuing down St George’s Mall to Waterkant Street, and progressing up the Fan Walk to St Andrew’s Square, the City Walk connects significant places and offerings in the urban heart of Cape Town through storytelling, wayfinding, public art, walking tours and retail offerings to bring our public spaces to life.

Project lead: Mike Purdham

People who make this work possible: City of Cape Town, CCID

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Planetariums are strangely transformative spaces. You enter, ego clenched tight and safely intact, only to leave humbled and set free from the burden of self … for a moment at least. It all starts the second you take your seat and find yourself flung backwards with no prior warning. This is, of course, followed by an

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Saturday in the city
9 December 2016

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Kids@TheCenter of City Walk Saturday
23 November 2016

November’s City Walk Saturday played host to Cape Town Embrace as they filled the Company’s Garden with a plethora of delightful activities for young ones to enjoy. Click an image in the gallery below to enlarge   There were many interesting activities and displays, all geared towards young ones in celebration of International Children’s Day.

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Kids @ the Centre of City Walk Saturday this November
10 November 2016

On 19 November, we will be celebrating Universal Children’s Day with a special edition of City Walk Saturday that will be placing Kids @ the Centre. The brainchild of Cape Town EMBRACE – a social movement aimed at closing societal divides in the Mother City – the day will be filled with interactive and fun experiences

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City Walk Saturday brings festive summer fun
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Despite some sneaky cloud cover creeping in over the mountain during the course of the morning, this October’s City Walk Saturday brought with it loads of summer fun. Serving as the hub of activity, the Company’s Garden drew a curious crowd with the presence of intriguing acts and awe-inspiring performances, while restaurants and coffee shops

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