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Dandora: Beyond a Dumpsite
25 May 2017

I first heard about the fantastic work done in Dandora, an area widely known as Nairobi’s dumpsite, when I shared a panel with Robinson Esialimba, co-founder and board chair of the Dandora Transformation League last year. While our discussion took place over Skype – I was in Cape Town, Robinson was in Harare – I

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Best bet for Cape Town’s urban food security? Informal trade
3 April 2017

Africa is in the midst of a massive reinvention – moving from a predominantly rural continent to one that will soon be characterised by its urban areas. The World Bank estimates that by 2030, 50% of Africans will be living in urban areas, after which cities will only continue to grow and expand. Needless to

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5 thought-provoking presentations from the 3rd Annual City Development conference
17 March 2017

Pressing issues facing the making of cities in Africa came to the fore this week as delegates from both the private and the public sector gathered at the 3rd Annual City Development conference, held at 15 on Orange in Cape Town. Running over three days, the conference focused on three main themes – ‘urban transformation

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3rd Annual City Development conference sets sights on transforming African urban spaces
16 February 2017

From 13 – 15 March Cape Town will be welcoming some of the brightest minds in urban development and city planning from around the globe, as it plays host to the 3rd Annual City Development conference. Addressing the most pressing issues of city-making in Africa, the conference will be focusing on ‘urban transformation & city

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The “Two Africas”: American Perceptions of the Continent
3 February 2017

Joey Lyons, a Cape Town Partnership intern from Boston, looks at how the reality of Cape Town (and the rest of Africa) square up with his preconceived ideas. Will you survive the next three months? How many safaris will you go on? Will your apartment have a dirt floor? Why would you choose South Africa?

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New tech makes a case for rural internet in Africa
18 January 2017

The economic benefits of rural internet use are far from realised in South Africa, and elsewhere on the continent. A new technology is increasing efficiencies for mobile networks, and lowering the costs of rural coverage. Opportunities given by digital money transfer service M-Pesa to safely store and manage money have lifted 2 percent of Kenyan

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How the Cool Shack could change lives in informal settlements
9 December 2016

When it comes to extreme weather conditions and natural disasters, there’s no denying that those living in informal settlements on the outskirts of Cape Town are by far the most vulnerable. Population density and highly flammable construction material, can see fires that would normally be easy to control, wreak havoc within an hour, while a

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Braamfontein to Joburg what Woodstock/East City is to Cape Town?
25 November 2016

During recent travels, Nadia Krige spent a night in Joburg’s eclectic Braamfontein and found a couple of striking similarities with Cape Town’s very own Woodstock/East City.

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Calling former Angolan refugees: limited time to apply for permanent residence in SA
24 November 2016

The Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town (SCCT) has launched a group exemption application for all former Angolan refugees whose Angolan Cessation Permits (ACP) have expired and are looking to gain permanent residence in South Africa. Following discussions with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), Honourable Justice Gamble of the Western Cape High Court issued an

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