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Five reasons to attend the African Real Estate & Infrastructure Summit
26 October 2016

On 2 and 3 November 2016, representatives from the full spectrum of Africa’s real estate sector will be gathering in Cape Town to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities facing cities across the continent. In partnership withUnited Cities and Local Governments Association Africa (UCLG-A) and WESGRO, the African Real Estate & Infrastructure Summit is taking place at

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Tell us what makes public space great
16 March 2016

You’ve helped us co-create this city in the past, now help us craft the Cape Town of the future:

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Is policy enough to deal with rapid urbanisation?
12 August 2015

As rapid urbanisation accelerates, countries the world over are scrambling to supply decent jobs, adequate housing and basic urban services. Is policy itself enough, or does civil society need to get more involved? Edgar Pieterse and Catherine Stone weigh in.

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What women want from a city
8 August 2015

How can placemaking and public space interventions promote gender-sensitive urban design? A number of projects at the 15 August City Walk Saturdays will engage with these issues, in light of Women’s Month.

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Women of Bree Street
Ambre Nicolson
7 August 2015

Cape Town Partnership community newspaper Molo interviewed some of the remarkable women who have lived and worked on Bree Street.

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Molo uncovers the many stories of Bree Street
4 August 2015

Bree Street and its multifarious people, places and stories is the topic of the August 2015 edition of Molo, now available free online or at a library, community centre or public space near you.

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Njabulo S Ndebele: Optimism, inclusivity & partnerships (Part 2)
28 July 2015

Maintaining the outpouring of goodwill and volunteerism around Mandela Day takes special effort. In the second part of our interview with Njabulo S Ndebele, the chairman of the Cape Town Partnership board discusses how to keep up the spirits as a good citizen and how we all play a role in making Cape Town more

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Njabulo S Ndebele: Madiba’s legacy and reflections on citizenry (Part 1)
15 July 2015

Every day should be Madiba Day in Njabulo S Ndebele’s estimation. We should be helpful, compassionate and kind every day of the year, and use Nelson Mandela’s birthday, in addition to the current activities that have become a tradition, as a day for reflection to think through the needs and work of the following year, the

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5 starter packs to unlock your Africa Day celebrations
25 May 2015

Once again, African Day is upon us. We’ve put together a list to help you get started on your Africa Day celebrations. The list is by no means exhaustive of all the amazing beauty found on the continent. Use the list as a starter pack to get you curious about what Africa has to offer

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Africa’s undercover heroes
19 May 2015

Africans abroad may be our continent’s greatest heroes, sending more money home than Western aid donors contribute, wrote Kim Harrisberg for The Big Issue magazine. 

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