Kids@TheCenter of City Walk Saturday
23 November 2016

November’s City Walk Saturday played host to Cape Town Embrace as they filled the Company’s Garden with a plethora of delightful activities for young ones to enjoy.

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Volunteering: where Capetonians can get involved
18 November 2016

With its natural beauty, buzzing nightlife and cultural diversity, paired with an intricate tangle of socioeconomic issues, it’s no surprise that Cape Town has become something of a hotspot for young international volunteers, looking to take a break between jobs/studies. While it’s great that our city has so many distant hands just raring to help

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Cape Town Carnival: so much more than just a party
28 October 2016

Generating R40 million in economic activity for the city, encouraging skills development in communities and getting small businesses on board with production, Cape Town Carnival has established itself as an extraordinary and impactful event on the Mother City’s social calendar. In 2017, it will also be raising awareness about the plight of our oceans with

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How urban gardens are helping the homeless
19 October 2016

As city-dwellers, homelessness is something we’re confronted with on a daily basis. We see it in the bundles of blankets under the bridge and in the flash of a shelter card as a young man asks if we have R2 to spare. Yet, despite its overwhelming presence, we seem to keep homelessness at arm’s length

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Beating loneliness with the art of serendipitous urban design
13 October 2016

Serendipitous design. Sounds like a bit of a contradiction, doesn’t it? However, a recent Tedx Talk by instructional designer, Jamie Littlefield, shed some light on the way in which creative initiatives by ordinary urban citizens could indeed become catalysts for happy accidents, which in turn, may help forge fast friendships and long-lasting camaraderie between unlikely

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The Street Store – celebrating 500th edition where it all began
20 September 2016

On Sunday, 25 September, the sidewalk outside the Salesian Institute in Green Point will be transformed once more into a bustling marketplace, as The Street Store returns to celebrate its 500th edition. Since the rent-free, premises-free, no-charge pop-up clothing store for the homeless was founded here in January 2014, the concept has sparked a wave

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Little actions that bring people together
14 September 2016

As the CEO of a grant funded organisation, a non-profit, I am often challenged to validate the importance of placemaking programmes and allied activities in a country characterised by staggering inequality, high unemployment and poverty. These issues are of vital importance and require consistent intervention by civil society and the public and private sectors. Placemaking

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Run the Mother City this summer
8 September 2016

With summer creeping ever closer, Cape Town is slowly but surely starting to resurface from its annual winter slumber, inviting everyone to come out and play. Of course, this may mean different things to different people, but if you’re feeling inspired to get fit and tone up before beach season starts, why not revisit running?

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3 ways to start your own urban garden
5 September 2016

Spring is in the air and the world’s a-bloom, fresh green leaves sprouting and unfurling as we speak. A season of new life, indeed, and the perfect time to kick start those lofty dreams of cultivating a luscious, green city home. Fortunately, urban gardening is a growing trend (pun intended) that can be practiced in

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Safe in the city?
8 August 2016

Because a city cannot be truly welcoming unless all people feel safe there, Kaylon Koeries chatted with women in Cape Town to gauge their perceptions of safety in the Mother City.

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